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j.frede : passage - (6pm - 7pm) from j.frede on Vimeo

A collection of Twenty-Four time-lapses featuring an hourglass as the subject changing locations with each new beginning, our constant makes its way through a full days time before beginning again. The complete film lasts one hour. Upon viewing time accelerate past we cant help but contemplate our perception of our own time and its pace.

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j.frede : Parallel Migrations (Excerpt) from j.frede on Vimeo.

My titled Parallel Migrations Video/Sound installation is on view February 14th/15th as part of the re:sound festival curated by Jen Boyd. Taking place on the Mare Island Shoreline Heritage Preserve in conjunction with the San Francisco Fly Away Festival.

to see the complete lineup of artists performing live during this two day festival please visit |

Drawn At Sea: Drawing no.04 from j.frede on Vimeo.

At one time the entirety of the worlds oceans hung in the skies as immense storm clouds. Churning about above the Earth's surface that existed only as molten magma sending any rain that fell back to the heavens. Once the surface began to cool and solidify the rains began to fall and settle. The oceans poured out of the skies for nearly forty centuries raining down approximately 300,000,000 cubic miles of water. Eventually the rains ceased and the Sun shone down on the Earth for the first time.

Since this event the oceans have never stopped moving.

This constant motion will be the focus of my newest body of work, a series of drawings, titled Drawn At Sea. These drawings will be produced during my time as an Artist in Residence aboard the sailboat Selkie under the direction of The Clipperton Project. I have created a drawing machine that will capture the greater movements of the ship and create a visual log of our motion as we sail through the Northern Isles of Scotland for the month of September.

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j.frede : From the Sea to Papa Westray from j.frede on Vimeo.

A study in stillness and motion, this video documents the last two nautical miles as we sailed into Papa Westray, Orkney Islands, Scotland. At the end I drop our anchor and we reverse laying out our chain and securing our hook to the seas bed. This video continues my exploration in quiet repetitive videos


j.frede: Navigation (The action in creating a compass) from j.frede on Vimeo.

This piece is a sculpture titled "Navigation." I have taken the book, Small Boat Navigation (F.W. Sterling, 1916) and turned it into a working compass. By cutting through each page to the required depth, and fixing the pieces of an old Russian compass into the void, I have destroyed the very guide of which could have been used for proper navigation, creating the very tool the guide called for. The result is and wealth of knowledge that has been eliminated leaving only the ever-changing position of magnetic north as our guide, along with whatever knowledge of navigation we may already possesses.

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j.frede : After Malevich - Kronstadt, Russia from j.frede on Vimeo.

I knew I had to address Kazimir Malevich while I was in Russia. I recreated his famous Black Square painting using the snow and the dark ice of the Baltic Sea beneath it. Approaching the execution of the piece as an action and documenting the process and event with video as well as photographs taken by Mikhael Sator. Upon completion I photographed the result that was later printed to scale and exhibited alongside the complete action video at 321 Gallery in New York City.

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j.frede : Sredney Gavan Rear Range Lighthouse, The Baltic Sea, Russia from j.frede on Vimeo.

The Sredney Gavan' Rear Range Lighthouse can be seen in the distance with its faint light flashing in rapid secession. I stop at a good point and make a still video of it and this otherworldly scene. Gulls raise a fuss with one another and the wind blows steadily, ice cracks and shifts quietly and I can hear intermittent sounds of machines and men working, but only when the wind shifts.

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j.frede : Piedras Blancas Lighthouse Lens from j.frede on Vimeo.

December 1st 2013
35.137962n / -120.638080w
10:00 AM
72 °F

Last night I visited the Piedras Blancas Lighthouse Lens, which is now found in Cambria, CA (35.564691n / -121.096902w). The Fresnel lens of the First Order (the largest lens made, this one measuring ten feet tall including its structure) was removed from the lighthouse in 1948 after an earthquake damaged the lantern room, top section, lens and railing. This visually decapitated the classic storybook-esque lighthouse whose tall tower was much more prevalent on the eastern seaboard than the lighthouses that protect the pacific coast. A rotating aerobeacon was positioned on the now shortened and capped tower, which has allowed it to continue its duty but stripped it of its stoic posture....

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j.frede : Kelso Dunes - March 28 2014 - no.01 from j.frede on Vimeo.

Our lives are driven by logic; every choice, decision, movement and thoughts use logic, great or small, as a pivot point. When logic is challenged or seemingly defied we are forced to pause to assess, question and investigate the source of what, by human understanding, seems impossible or at least improbable.

Booming Dunes: A Study in 35 parts does precisely that. A long-term study of the worlds singing sands phenomenon and the environments that surround them. From the Kelso Dunes in Southern California to the Gobi Desert in China where Marco Polo experienced the singing sands in the 13th Century.

This project is inspired by three historic figures whom combined artistic practice with the collection of information to further mans understanding of the natural world; Napoleon Bonaparte, Leonardo Da Vinci & Charles Darwin.

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