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Cornered; Photographic Study no.004 - November 2009

Corners have long been considered traps for negative energy in Metaphysics and Paganism. Through out modern times people who believe in the Paranormal have considered ceiling corners of homes portholes for ghosts or spirits. Animals and babies are often observed staring intently into specific corners of rooms. Regardless of your spiritual beliefs or skepticism in such, I would venture to say that everyone has at some point in their life entered a room that didn’t feel right, call it intuition or sixth sense, some locations seem to make us uncomfortable for an unexplained reason.

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Many directions can be taken from the thought of corners, one definition is “a dangerous or awkward position, especially from which escape is difficult”, while the same word means “The meeting of two streets” which is a crossroads, commonly seen as a place of options. There are many meanings of the word corner in the English Language but the juxtaposition of these two seem very powerful to me. It seems sometimes being forced into a corner where escape is difficult is in many ways a crossroad.

This photo study was done with these theories in mind, the images range from abstract to contrasting to dingy, and are meant to reflect all that happens in our personal spaces, whether literally or metaphorically speaking, corners are ever-present in our lives; good, bad or neutral.

j.frede - 2009