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Articles (as author)

NCCA KRONSTADT: Final Portraits (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: A Roaming Stone (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: After Malevich (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: All Ways But Still (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: The Flame That Burns Twice as Bright (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: Still Light (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: From the Frozen Sea to the Iron That Meets its Bed (Huffington Post)
Preparation for Safe Passage: Following the Pharos (Huffington Post)
NCCA KRONSTADT: Documents From a Russian Residency (Huffington Post)

Fort Alexander : Kronstadt, Russia (Tumblr)
The Ice Field : Kronstadt, Russia (Tumblr)
The Wild Side : Kronstadt, Russia (Tumblr)
The Blue Light : Kronstadt, Russia (Tumblr)

(as author)

American Idle : Journals About Driving In The City of Angels
Paperback: 100 pages
Publisher: Frederick Publishing (May 2010)
Language: English
ISBN-13: 978-0-9824008-1-4

Hardback: 250 pages
Publisher: Frederick Publishing (October 2010)
Art Edition: 10 Copies / 3 Artist Proofs - Signed Numbered

(as author)

Greg "Craola" Simkins : A Field Guide to the Outside
Juxtapoz Magazine (Print), October 2010, Newsstand Cover #117

Justin Waugh : Untitled and Defined
The Citrus Report (Online), 10/25/2010

Christopher Baird : Weathered Personal Histories
The Citrus Report (Online), 7/15/2010

Amanda Gordon Dunn : Form Follows Fiction
The Citrus Report (Online), 6/16/2010

Akina Cox & Joseph Imhauser : Proust, Lye’s and Videotape
The Citrus Report (Online), 6/9/2010

Greg "Craola" Simkins : An Outsiders Guide to The Outside
The Citrus Report (Online), 6/2/2010

Joe Ledbetter : The Minimalism of Magnus Maximus
The Citrus Report (Online), 5/31/2010

Dane Johnson : The Appropriation of Bad Luck
The Citrus Report (Online), 5/19/2010


Features (on j.frede)

Grey Area Exhibition
Big Red & Shiny Magazine (Portland) AVANTIKA BAWA8 -2006

The Aural Organics of j.frede
Signal To Noise Magazine, TJ.Norris, 9-2004

Wired Science
Westword Weekly, Jason Heller, 11-2003

Sound For Sound’s Sake
LA Weekly, Greg Burk, 9-2002

The Evolution of the New Musician
GoGo Magazine, Josh Tyson, 7-2001

Songs Heard Round The World
GoGo Magazine, Jenelise Pulliam

Welcome To The Terrordome
Westword Magazine, Thomas Peake



Phosphor Magazine  (Netherlands) JR, 12-2004

Terrorverlag Magazine (Germany) Tobis, 10-2004

The Wire Magazine (UK) Jim Haynes 9-2003

Cut UP Magazine (Germany) Tobias C. Van Veen, 1-2005

Ampersand Etcetera (Australia) Jeremy Keens, 10-2003

Vital Weekly (Netherlands) TJ.Norris, 9-2003

Ambientrance (Austria) David J. Opdyke, 5-2002

Outburn Magazine (USA) John Griffin, 1-2001

XLR8R (USA) Kathleen Maloney, 1-2001

Flux Europa (UK) Stewart Gott, 10-2000

Freq (UK) Antron S. Meister, 10-2000