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    peepshow . surface sculpture . alert . untitled; self portrait . black gold . fortunate
60" x 12 " x 15 " - Steel, Enamel, Sound


Grey|Area, Group Show - July 2006
Guest Room Gallery Portland, OR

Gray Rooms, Solo Show - August 2006
Open bookstore Gallery Long Beach, CA

"....Alert by j.frede creates cold synaesthetic experiences of sight, sound and touch that are unusual and strangely reminiscent of cold war hysteria. If one were to imagine a piece of post war minimalist art with an industrial tone, it may resemble this formally tight work. Consisting of a white box and a steel grey megaphone, it sits on an unassuming white pedestal but when the red button on it is triggered, it lets off an endless drone that builds up in pitch and harmony as seconds pass. Who was it alerting and what is its message? The absence of a clear-cut audience or message adds an ominous mystery reminding its engager to fear the unknown.... -