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12-note Composition for Sine's, Urban Ambience Relocation Project

urban ambience relocation project
sound installation
June 2001

Trust:Assemble Festival
Thunder Basin, Wyoming

The Urban Ambience Relocation Project consisted of 3 wooden boxes that housed tape decks playing audio recorded in the Denver Metro area. The installation was intended to create an urban atmosphere in a rural setting making a unique listening environment.

The scene of the UARP was the skeletal remains of a forest that had burned down 10 years prior. The audio was subtle, cars in the distance, low chatter, footsteps, and conversations.

The installation was located about 1 mile away from the electronic music festival Trust:Assemble, as was accessible 24 hours a day throughout the weeklong festival. Nighttime seemed to be the best time to visit the UARP site, as the darkness and natural environment created a wonderful experience.

j.frede - 2001